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Rise Above Your Competition

Education from Johns Hopkins’ Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) drives change within your organization, creating highly-knowledgeable and effective leaders who will help you rise above your competitors, while driving innovation and revenue. Education drives team engagement and is one of the best methods to improve your organization’s performance and successfully impact your bottom line. AAP’s online programs offer the advantage of flexibility, as well as technology-based learning tools that provide high-levels of collaboration and interaction with both faculty and peers.

There are more than 25 online programs available:

  • Biotechnology
  • Communications, Arts, Economics
  • Energy & Environmental Sciences
  • Governmental Studies
  • GIS
  • Museum Studies
  • Research Administration

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The Johns Hopkins University is preparing the biotechnology leaders of today.

Johns Hopkins is a world leader in the global biotechnology industry with programs designed for working professionals – delivering the rigorous and practical curricula your employees need and the excellence your organization expects.

Programs are rooted in the multidisciplinary skills of research, drug discovery technologies, bioinformatics, regulatory affairs, and product commercialization.

Graduate Degree Programs

  • Master of Science in Biotechnology
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology, Post-baccalaureate Health Science Intensive Program
  • Master of Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • Master of Science in Bioinformatics
  • Master of Science in Food Safety Regulation
  • Master of Science in Regulatory Science


  • Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise
  • Certificate in Biotechnology Education
  • Certificate in National Security Studies/MS in Biotechnology with a concentration in Biodefense
  • Post Master’s Certificate in Sequence Analysis and Genomics

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Graduate Programs in Governmental Studies

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Governmental Studies brings together theory and practice in the study of government and its effects, domestically and abroad.

The programs maximize the synergies to prepare individuals for leadership in politics and administration in both the public and private sectors.

Online Graduate Degree Programs

  • Master of Arts in Government
  • Master of Arts in Global Security Studies
  • Master of Arts in Public Management
  • Master of Science in Government Analytics

Online Certificates

  • Certificate in Government Analytics
  • Certificate in Intelligence
  • Certificate in National Security Studies
  • Certificate in Nonprofit Management

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Graduate Programs in Museum Studies

Museums of the 21st century are evolving. They are increasing in number, expanding in size, and attracting more diverse audiences every day. Innovations in information, digitization, and communication technologies are challenging museums to rethink their approach and transform the museum experience to keep up with the intellectual curiosity of today’s learners. The need has never been greater for leaders with the knowledge and skills to face these challenges and create a vision for the museums of the future.

These programs emphasize technology’s critical role in the modern museum and examine new models of education, exhibition, and business strategies, including exploring the role of the museum as an agent of social change.

  • Master of Arts in Museum Studies
  • Post Bachelor's Certificate in Digital Curation

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Advanced Degrees in Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) represent a technological breakthrough in organizing and displaying spatial information to promote better decision-making by scientists, public officials, and communities facing increasingly complex demands upon their available resources.

These programs help professionals make better decisions by providing a convenient, interactive platform to explore GIS applications as part of the dynamic field of cloud computing, big data analytics, and spatial data mining and modeling.

  • Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems
  • Post Bachelor's Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

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Advanced Degrees in Energy Policy and Environmental Science

Energy and Environmental Sciences represent a convergence of science designed to address the imminent concerns presented by climate change. A rapidly growing and necessary field, professionals who graduate from these programs will be prepared for leadership in organizations addressing the policy and practice of energy systems and their impact on human institutions and ecosystems.

Master of Science in Energy Policy and Climate

The MS in Energy Policy and Climate will prepare the next generation of interdisciplinary professionals to address the imposing challenges posed by climate change for human institutions and ecosystems and the potentially transformative role of sustainable energy systems.

Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy

The MS in Environmental Science and Policy is a springboard to leadership for environmental professionals. The program gives students a powerful understanding of where the sciences overlap and inform policy while providing insight into how policy is implemented and affects environmental outcomes.

Designed for working professionals, these 10-course programs are available in a part-time format delivered online with a minimal on-site component.

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Johns Hopkins’ Advanced Academic Programs (AAP), master's and graduate certificates in economics, communications and the arts are designed for working professionals. Programs combine real-world applications with world-class instruction, providing individuals with education and knowledge to lead organizations in a variety of industries.

Transform your career with a master’s degree or graduate certificate in a variety of disciplines. Johns Hopkins’ Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) offer flexible, online options with the advantage of the world-class instruction and high-level interaction that are the foundation of the Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence. AAP’s goal is to offer new, innovative academic programs that meet the needs of today’s working professional.

Master of Science in Applied Economics

The MS in Applied Economics develops skills in economic reasoning, and in constructing and estimating economic models through the use of econometrics and other quantitative techniques. The 10-course online program helps employees become strong economists, with today’s most in-demand and applicable skills and perspective.

Master of Arts in Communication

The MA in Communication offers practical and applied knowledge, taught by the social scientists who study effective communication and the practitioners who use it. Electives engage individuals by having them tackle real-life communication issues and develop usable communication skills to help lead teams within your organization and meet business objectives.

Master of Liberal Arts

The Master of Liberal Arts is a unique, non-traditional graduate degree. Whereas most graduate programs are specialized, the MLA offers breadth to highly specialized professionals such as lawyers, medical students, nurses, and business people who are eager to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

Master of Science in Research Administration

The MS in Research Administration is designed to benefit research practitioners, including those currently working in higher education, government agencies, and independent foundations, as well as those who seek to begin a career in research administration. Individuals will learn about the management of sponsored research programs in areas related to finance, information technology, and legal, ethical, regulatory, and compliance considerations. To foster career development for your employees, this program aligns with practitioner expectations, as well as with desirable outcomes identified by major associations, including the National Council for University Research Administration (NCURA), the National Grants Management Association (NGMA) and the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC).

Master of Arts in Science Writing

Today’s successful science writers require a working knowledge of diverse skills, from journalism and communication to multimedia and the literary arts. The program offers individuals skills aimed at translating complicated information and trends of science, medicine and technology into meaningful, perceptive prose and media that serves a vital public purpose.

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